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Sensui For Cities


Bring your people together through flowers

FOTO_Miek Aerts. Design Tom De Houwer HG


Our city projects use floral artistry as the natural way of connecting communities. Sharing the final creation has clear benefits for multiple sectors across your city.


Tom leads a group of your local volunteers in the creation of something wonderful. They come as they are, with no entrance requirements. Your citizens work together to make art, from natural beauty, to share with their whole city. 


Every Sensui City Project begins with a discussion about your aims and how you want your citizens to feel. It's a unique way to encourage citizen participation. And another step towards realizing your city's shared commitments and aims. 


It's perfect as part of a city-wide celebration, occasion, or festival - or as the main event itself!


We all need authentic, sincere connections with others. Just the simple joy of being together. And city life doesn’t always make this easy. A Sensui immersive floral art experience helps lead your citizens back to this basic fact of life.  


Perhaps we've all learned a new appreciation of this recently. 


Make emotional connections based on the purpose of your event, such as: celebrating survival, mourning loss, reconnecting off-screen, joy, gratitude, healing, hope, pride, diversity, inclusion, solidarity, belonging. 


How do you want your fabulous citizens to feel?

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The benefits rippling from a Sensui City Project serve your city’s whole governing team and their individual departments. 


  • Local Economy: It’s simple - extra footfall around your Sensui event means increased profits. Who can argue with that?

  • Marketing and Tourism: A Sensui City Project is a magnet for visitors. Images and videos from the event powerfully communicate your city’s character and atmosphere in future promotional campaigns. 

  • Heritage and Culture: Galleries, museums and libraries can host a Sensui City Project, automatically raising their profile. Events rooted in your cultural heritage, like annual festivals, gain an additional layer of emotional impact.

  • Local Environment: Celebrate your glorious open spaces by locating your Sensui City Project in one of your parks or public gardens. Raising the profile of the people who keep them safe, clean and beautiful.

  • Disparate Communities: Unite your different communities around one focal point.  No groups are excluded. Encouraging local pride through a shared experience of natural beauty.

  • Accessibility: All ages and abilities can access a Sensui City Project. They only need themselves. 


City-wide projects are most successful when there is unanimous support. When everyone appreciates the positive impact on their department. As you can see, a Sensui City Project is an investment that’s in everyone’s interest. Contributing to local, national and global recovery. 


Towards a future full of possibilities and beauty.

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