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Sensui For Brands


Build Relationships Through Natural Beauty


Describe your brand - are you timeless, daring, unconventional, audacious, sensual, feminine, seductive, iconic, irresistible, straightforward, sumptuous, bold? A complex combination? 


Your brand is so much more than a logo and colour palette. It's your identity, your legacy, your philosophy. You know that. We know that. But do your customers know that? 


Understanding who you are is important for you both. In order to develop mutually positive, valuable relationships.


Sensui immersive experiences break down those final barriers to enable that elusive emotional connection. 


Show your inimitable spirit and welcome your customers into your story.

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Such an exclamation of wonder is now, almost always, followed by a camera click. For marketing purposes, Sensui floral art experiences are ideal. You can't stop people sharing! And if they're not there, they genuinely have missed out on an experience that will never be replicated. 


Tantalizing reveals leading up to your event means your guests are excited before they even arrive. As they share a beautiful, floral adventure and become part of the art itself, an exclusive community naturally forms. And they leave feeling...well...the way you intended!


And we harness that power together, to connect with your clients through their preferred method of communication. In-person, or through a screen, emotional connections are strengthened by sharing beauty. 


What does this look like? It depends entirely on what you need. 


It could be: 

  • Live event in your chosen location, for maximum impact. Perfect for an exclusive fashion show. Livestreamed globally, to reach those unable to attend due to current restrictions. 

  • Unique consumer experience for the more intimate surroundings of your stores or pop-up venues. An enviable treat for your customers when you present a new product!

  • Meticulously crafted digital experiences that build a bridge through the screen to deeper emotional relationships. The exciting leading element to any launch. 


Different for every collection, every launch, every event. 

Sublime artistry. Totally unique. Astonishing impact. 


That's a Sensui immersive floral art experience. Really connect with your customers – naturally.

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Pictures say more than thousand words
Put on the sound and press play
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