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About Sensui & Team


Serendipity sparked the perfect partnership

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Serendipity sparked the perfect partnership that is Sensui – Annabelle, and Tom.

In 2019, Annabelle was working in a commercial position for an international company and already considering new professional opportunities. A year later, completely by chance, she was flicking through the pages of a floral art magazine. She was abruptly halted and captured by beautiful images of Tom’s recent work in the Japanese garden of Hasselt. Soaking up his accompanying descriptions, full of real passion and holistic understanding, she felt a direct connection. 

A connection so strong, she contacted him.

As soon as they met, they realized they were ideal partners. Shared values, ideas, and vision, combined with perfectly complementary skill sets. 

And Sensui is born. Tom and Annabelle sharing their natural way of connecting through beauty, authenticity and the artistic expression of nature



I'm Annabelle. Originally I'm from France but have lived here in Belgium with my husband and two children for 25 years. 

Flowers have always been a part of me. I remember how happy I felt in my grandfather's garden, smelling and contemplating his flowers, observing their colors changing in the sunlight. Such a vivid early memory, preserved by emotion.

I took my appreciation of flowers' beauty and power into adulthood. During personal development coaching in 2019, their importance to my life balance became apparent. I realized that, for me, nature and flowers are an essential source of energy and enthusiasm. 

Meeting Tom in 2020 was clearly the opportunity I was dreaming about. A chance to use all my professional skills to promote the beauty of nature.

I've worked in many companies across a variety of sectors. You benefit from all my experience in previous business development, project management, trade marketing, and key account management roles. 

Communicating effectively, organizing efficiently, and ultimately delivering to happy clients is satisfying in itself. But what really drives me is the synergy created by real teamwork -identifying an objective and achieving goals together. 

That's what I now have with Tom at Sensui. 

And that's what we bring to you.

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My story as an artist begins with my childhood in Belgium. I'm the youngest of a family of seven. The sheer life force of my five older brothers and one sister was overwhelming. My parents are also strong individuals. A perfectionist, engineering-minded father, and a creative, charismatic, people-driven mother. The combination of their characters made me feel small and insignificant. This humbleness made me a silent observer in my early years. 

From this starting point, my quest for significance and authenticity was born. It manifested itself in creating beauty with flowers. 

A servant of beauty emerged. 

I began my professional life as a floral design shop owner. I'm now an industry authority, teaching my floral philosophy worldwide. In retrospect, my evolution from that watchful little boy is very fulfilling. 

But I'm not finished yet! I still strive to create the next six-sense, floral art immersive experience. 

I'm so grateful for my family. And I'm proud to be the messenger that merges their strengths and authentic uniqueness with nature's. I translate it into floral art, the universal language of beauty and connection everyone understands. 

And now we'll do this together, to express your message.

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