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About Sensui


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Feeling disconnected, we often ignore surrounding beauty. However, flowers can foster connection and community. Floral art design creates spaces inviting nature connection. While building beauty together, we nurture healing and love toward Earth. Bridging generations and cultures through beauty creation fosters interconnectedness. This gratitude can transform us and our world. More than an idea, this is a movement emphasising beauty and connection. It ensures hope for the future through love, respect, and transformative beauty. Let's embrace this journey, nurture ourselves, society, and nature. Let's make a more connected, beautiful world. The power of flowers can shape a brighter future.



My story as an artist begins with my childhood in Belgium. I'm the youngest of a family of seven. The sheer life force of my five older brothers and one sister was overwhelming. My parents are also strong individuals. A perfectionist, engineering-minded father, and a creative, charismatic, people-driven mother. The combination of their characters made me feel small and insignificant. This humbleness made me a silent observer in my early years. 

From this starting point, my quest for significance and authenticity was born. It manifested itself in creating beauty with flowers. 

A servant of beauty emerged. 

I began my professional life as a floral design shop owner. I'm now an industry authority, teaching my floral philosophy worldwide. In retrospect, my evolution from that watchful little boy is very fulfilling. 

But I'm not finished yet! I still strive to create the next six-sense, floral art immersive experience. 

I'm so grateful for my family. And I'm proud to be the messenger that merges their strengths and authentic uniqueness with nature's. I translate it into floral art, the universal language of beauty and connection everyone understands. 

And now we'll do this together, to express your message.

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